Get all your healthy products straight from the farm, fresh and nicely cut to your taste.

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Carrot Cubes

Maries carrot cubes are fresh-cut ,best for garnishing dishes!Fresh and crunchy!All natural!No prese..


Carrots Sliced

Our sliced carrots are fresh-cut great for salad,sauce,snacking on and many other dishes Fresh and c..


citrus cooler

Filled with cut pineapples,orange and spinach serves 1..


crazy coconut smoothie pack

Filled with cut and washed Coconut and pineapplesserves 1...


Crincked carrots

Fresh-cut crincked carrots made to order!Great for soups, sauce, and many other dishes.Crunchy and f..


diced beetroots 1 pack

Beets are an ancient, prehistoric food that grew naturally along coastlines in North Africa, Asia, a..


Diced red pepper 250g

Maries diced red pepper are fresh-cut made to order!adds yummy taste to dishes Hot and spicy!Fresh!I..


Fresh-cut mixed veggies 500g

Our fresh cut mixed vegetables contains carrots+peas+green beans+sweet corn+green pepper,All Fresh!m..